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Science Based Fitness

Our Goal Is To Provide YOU With The Information, Motivation, and Help To Change Your Life.

Whether your desired body image is to be lean, fit, and beach ready, or you want to be shredded, larger, and strong. Nate and I have the experience to help you throughout your fitness journey. We have over 20 years of combined experience. We don’t experience mistakes or failure in fitness, but there’s a better approach to health and fitness to reach your desired physique. Learn for us and our struggles so you can save so much more time and money. With Science Based Fitness, we understand how important it is to reach your goal the best way possible. With Nate and I, you’ll become part of a team and community. 

Whether you want to be a better runner, athlete, become a body builder, or simply be healthier, we’ll work with you on every level of your goal. Small changes become habits, and habits become a lifestyle. We’re here to provide you with the opportunity to make small habits. No matter your fitness goal, we have the strategies to help you become successful. 

We have experience with all diet types. Diets work best when people are able to stick to them, and find new ways to be excited about the food choices. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, mediterranean, or any type of diet, we can help recommend foods to fit your desired body type. 

We have experience with Body Building, posing, and training to take the stage. When it comes to professional bodybuilding, there’s so much to consider when prepping, dieting, and carbohydrate cycling. We have the experience to look your very best on stage. 

What if your goal is simply to become healthier all around. Physical health is important, but what about mental health? We’ve helped many people become more confident in their abilities, in themselves, and realize how much potential they truly have. We consider this notion as the “Alpha Mentality.” The first step to developing this mental state is to work with us. 

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