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Science Based Fitness is about breaking away from the bro-science, and  learning about optimizing your fitness goals and lifestyle so you’re not wasting time. With over 20 years of experience, failures, and success, Science Based Fitness can help you save time and money. We dive deep into the research, and focus on methods that works best for you. We understand that everyone has different goals, vision, and training equipment. We focus on providing you with the best resources available to achieve your goal.

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Health and fitness comes in many forms. Physical health, mental health, and nutrition are all connected into health and fitness. We focus on you, your goals, and building a community to support people. Our goal is to help people become stronger, more confident and healthier. 


Cardio might not be your favorite activity, but it’s important! Depending on the goals you have, we’ll help set the plan for cardio. We’ll do it with you


Science Based Fitness is about maximizing the hard work you put in to receive the most out of it. Let us setup a plan for you.


We’re consistently putting up articles from Science Based Nutrition. Learn the truth about nutritional science.

"Resilience is one of life's greatest virtues. We all experience pain, setbacks, and heartache, but the strongest people are the one's who get up, dust themselves off, and keep on fighting. "


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