Are Eggs Healthy?

What determines if food is healthy? Well, all foods have health benefits, but many have more benefits than others. The concept is like an evil villain in any movie. Are they bad, or is there good qualities within them, which surfaces and they have a change of heart. Okay, that’s not the best analogy, but all food can be healthy depending what the marketing team is focusing on.

So are eggs healthy?

Well, depends on what you focus on. If you’re focusing on protein, low calories, no sugar, vitamins, and minerals, well you can make a claim that eggs are healthy. However, one large egg has 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 185mg of cholesterol, (62% daily value in one egg) low dosage of vitamins and 0% vitamin C. So, are eggs healthy? By law, according to the USDA, the egg industry cannot use words like, “healthy, nutritious, or safe” due to potential bacteria risk.

Here’s what’s important to remember. Are eggs healthy, well, eggs have health benefits, sure. Moderation is really important, but also what you add in addition to your food. For example, eggs do not have fiber or vitamin C, so if you consume a few eggs with blueberries, broccoli, then you’re adding missing components to your meal to balance out the health benefits.

The problem with the Standard American Diet is it lacks food-pairing notion. We accommodate a burger with fries, which is more fat, higher carbohydrates, low fiber and no nutrients. However, if you consume a burger, then think about adding missing health benefits. The burger lacks fiber, lacks vitamins and minerals, so if i’m going to eat this burger, then i’m going to add clean, unprocessed vegetables to add fiber and missing nutrients, which will help your body reduce insulin and slow down the rate of absorption.

This notion of diet-balance, in my opinion is the healthiest form to practice because you eat the foods you desire, you’re still going to lose weight and be healthier, and this concept is sustainable for long term.





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