Best Way to Train Abs

No Doubt, We all want our abdominal muscles to be visible, and to have visible abdominal muscles must come from being in a caloric deficient for a long duration.  However, just dieting won’t reveal strong, muscular abdominal muscles. Some people would like to strengthen their core to help their back issues, which a strong core will take a lot of stress of your lower back muscles. Those muscles have to be worked like all other muscles. However, Abdominal muscles don’t respond to stress the same as other muscle groups.

So How do we train abdominal muscles most effectively? (It’s not crunches)

  • Slow moving abdominal exercise.
  • Leg lifts
  • Ab Wheel
  • Vacuum Exercise
  • Different version of planks

When performing an abdominal exercise, it’s important not to force your ab muscles out. Instead, you want to hold them. For example, if you’re doing planks, you don’t want to force your abdominal wall. Instead, you want to keep your abdominal wall in.

When it comes to getting stronger abs, it’s not about how many repetitions. No, instead, focus on time and slow movements when the abs are engaged the whole time.

More content on performing each exercise in the next post!



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