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Dating in 2020

This Is Your Red Pill Serving! Dating in 2020 Alpha Vs. We hear a lot about Alpha and Beta males in dating today. What is an Alpha male vs. Beta Male? Alpha Males are driven, focus, confident, and don’t require anyone’s attention. Alpha males are focus on their purpose, their mission and their passion. Alpha’s […]

Lessons Learned

Mistakes People Make That Delays Success      Like many people who’ve joined the gym from time to time, saw some results, but end up falling off, people make a lot of mistakes around the gym. Mistakes People Make Not having a vision Too often, we go to the gym with a basic goal… To look […]

If It Was Easy

If It Was Easy, Then We’d All Do It We all have big dreams, but we lack the steps to reach our goal. I get asked frequently about types for weight loss. What supplements to take, and what exercises to do, but I tell respectfully reply to them, “What’s your goal.” Weight loss isn’t a […]