Why Cheat Meals are Good and Can Help You Lose Weight

Metabolic adaption might compromise your weight loss

When people go on a diet, they’re likely to stay strict on their diet. Caloric restriction is necessary for weight loss, obviously, but if you restrict calories for too long, then your run the risk of metabolic adaption. 

Restricting calories for long duration could stop or lessen your progress, and this notion explains why metabolic adaption might be the problem. Our bodies are adaptive, so when you reduce caloric intake, then our bodies will drop weight/ muscle in order to efficiently operated on a reduce caloric diet. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate cheat days where your body is in a caloric surplus. Not only will a high caloric day physically benefit you, but it will mentally please you as well. However, you might feel worse after eating bad foods, so a cheat meal may keep you eating healthy meals so you feel better. Personally, I like to cycle my carbohydrates. Sure, you can make the claim the not all carbohydrates are created equal, but I have days where I consume higher carbohydrates and lower my intake. I try to consume low-glycemic carbohydrates, but that’s not always easy on cheat days. On my cheat days, I like to eat pizza, fries, and other foods that aren’t health promoting foods. 

A huge benefit from cheat meals, and specifically, higher carbohydrate meals is the glycogen surplus. Metabolically, our bodies store energy into the muscle cell in the form of glycogen. In addition to glycogen, our bodies store water, too. With an extra energy sources and water stored in our muscles, our workouts will be better, we’ll feel stronger, and look fuller. However, if you’re in a constant caloric surplus, then you’re going to gain fat. The goal is to be in more deficient in calories and have a few days where you’re in a surplus. 

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