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Dating in 2020

Alpha Vs. Beta

We hear a lot about Alpha and Beta males in dating today. What is an Alpha male vs. Beta Male?

Alpha Males are driven, focus, confident, and don’t require anyone’s attention. Alpha males are focus on their purpose, their mission and their passion. Alpha’s are providers and protectors, but only when it’s necessary. Alpha’s aren’t fighting at the bar because someone looked at them, but if they see bad behavior, then Alpha’s will stop it point it out. Alpha’s simply put their interests first.

Beta Males (Nice guys and Simps) require someone’s constant attention, focuses their time in people, lacks drive, finds purpose in their relationships, nice guys, gets walked over, and puts up with bad behavior. Beta’s lack confidence, typically are a push over, and will put up with bad behavior to avoid conflict.

The Art of Attraction

Key Points for successful dating and relationships in 2020



But what if I made these mistakes already? Is it over?!?

The good news is… Nope! It’s never really over, but the only thing you can do is not contact the person for 30, 60, or 90 days. Basically, as long as it takes.

But what if they try to contact me?

Don’t answer… This doesn’t mean you have to completely block or avoid them, but don’t respond. If you see them out in public say hi, but don’t talk to them. Use this time to work on yourself. Get into the gym, focus on your career and purpose, and work hard at being the best version of yourself.

As I result, you might become even more attractive, and attract a better person, and leave the old person in the past. The heartbreak could’ve been exactly what you needed.

What you thought was a tragedy could be the biggest blessing.

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