Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work? 

Wight loss supplement  industry  is a billion-dollar a year industry built on the notion that you can take a supplement to help your body burn fat. Does the science support the claim?

Since the early 2000’s more and more weight loss supplements hit the shelves, and today, people continue to buy them. Are they really losing weight. Well yes, but is it from the supplements? Nope,  a study was published in 2010 by the British Nutrition Foundation shows over-the- counter weight loss supplements had no effect on weight loss after the placebo effect.

Whether the subjects were dieting or just supplementing with herbal supplements, subjects only lost a small amount of weight. Long term use of supplements haven’t been researched, so we don’t know if they’re safe and effective.

How do you lose fat? In short, you must be in a caloric deficient for a long duration of time. Exercising can increase basil metabolic rate to help burn more calories throughout the day. However, long term caloric restriction may result in metabolic adaptation, and weight loss might not. So how do you continue to lose weight once you plateau?


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