If It Was Easy, Then We'd All Do It

We all have big dreams, but we lack the steps to reach our goal. I get asked frequently about types for weight loss. What supplements to take, and what exercises to do, but I tell respectfully reply to them, “What’s your goal.” 

Weight loss isn’t a gym or supplement issue. Weight loss is a diet issue, and there’s no secret to the success. It’s simply time and consistency to achieve success. 

Some people believe they can outwork the diet or workout in order to burn more calories, but we don’t think about this mindset. What you’re basically saying is that you’d rather work harder than just simply eat less. 

We read articles about counting your macro nutrients, which in simple terms just means counting Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. However, studies show that weight loss happens regardless if what macros you count. Meaning, simply reducing calories will equal weight loss. At first, it’s easy to lose weight, but the more weight you lose, then the harder the weight loss becomes. It’s important to stay consistent and really remain disciplined. 

The point is, why work harder when the key to weight less is reducing your caloric intake most often. 

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