Mistakes People Make That Delays Success

     Like many people who’ve joined the gym from time to time, saw some results, but end up falling off, people make a lot of mistakes around the gym.

Mistakes People Make

  • Not having a vision
    • Too often, we go to the gym with a basic goal… To look better, but we don’t have a vision for the way we want to look
    • If your goal is to lift heavy weight, then that’s your vision.
    • If your goal is to be a better runner, then that’s your vision.
    • Vision the body that you desire.
  • Work towards your vision
    • If your goal is too look leaner, then don’t lift a bunch of heavy weight with low reps. If you want to look leaner, then focus on exercises to achieve that goal. Sure, it’s great to mix it up and have heavy lifting days, but your routine should revolve around your goal.
  • Diet isn’t aligned with your vision
    • If your vision is to look leaner, then follow a diet to reflect your vision. I’ve worked with people who wanted to lose weight, had a great workout, then went home and ate into a caloric surplus. Align your diet with your vision
  • Taking advice from others
    • What might’ve worked from some might not provide the same results for you. The goal towards making your vision a reality is finding what diet, training, and habits align with your vision.
  • Taking the advice from steroid influences.
    • Natural lifters, meaning, people who aren’t injecting anabolics cannot eat, cannot train, and cannot adapt to the same lifting style.
    • Working out in less time is better than working out too much.
    • Working out simply stimulates processes in our bodies to adapt to change and muscle growth.
    • Too often, I see people overworking their muscle and not allowing time to repair.
  • Working out for too long, too often.
    • One major mistake I’ve make was training for an hour or two everyday.
    • Training should be around 20-45 minutes each day for optimal results.
    • The goal is to stimulate hypertrophy, and begin the process of rebuilding.
    • The greater you work your muscles, then the longer recovery takes. Most people continuously break down muscle without allowing properly recovery.

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