Natural Ways to Deal with Stress

People see me, always smiling, working out, eating healthy, great career,
so they think i’m not stressed.
No matter who you are, what you’re going through, or how well your life is going, we all have stress. My most depressed time was at the age of 20-25. You don’t know what direction life is going, what’s your career, or what path to go down. Simply the known direction in life is a huge reason for anxiety.
We all have stress, but it’s how well you manage stress, which will increase your lifespan.
Have you heard of Ashwagandha?
There’s a lot of studies that show Ashwagandha will reduce stress and anxiety in adults. The source is found here
Here are the top 10 benefits of this root:
1. Can reduce blood sugar levels
2. Might have anticancer properties
3. Can reduce cortisol levels
4. May help reduce stress and anxiety
5. May reduce symptoms of depression
6. Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men
7. May increase muscle mass and strength
8. May reduce inflammation
9. May lower cholesterol and triglycerides
10. May improve brain function, including memory
With the science backing up these claims, the industry is flooded with supplements. However, don’t waste your money on expensive supplements. The root powder in itself is very cheap. It’s only when manufactures process the supplement into capsule form is when it gets costly. 
Another study was published that focused on the following subjects:
“In six subjects, improvement in quality of sleep was found. Organ function tests were in normal range before and after the intervention. Reduction in total- and LDL- cholesterol and increase of strength in muscle activity was significant. Total body fat percentage showed a reduction trend. WS, in escalated dose, was tolerated well. The formulation appeared safe and strengthened muscle activity. In view of its traditional Rasayana use, further studies are planned to evaluate potential of this drug in patients of sarcopenia.” (PMID: 23125505) 
Since I’ve been taking this root, I’ve notice more energy, better recovery from workouts, and more fat loss while maintaining muscle. With such a low risk side affect, consuming Ashwagandha should be a great addition to the diet. 


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