Training Fasted to Burn Fat

While your fasting glucose levels and insulin is low, your body burn glycogen stored in the muscles. Naturally, your body will access stored energy to replace the energy stored in muscles. (Glycogen) 

While fasting, Adrenalin and growth hormones are elevated. 

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, and then the hunger hormone level rise, then fat burning lowers. Working out while fasted lowers ghrelin levels. 

After eating, blood glucose levels increase and insulin is produced to regulate blood glucose levels. When you’re fasted, your glucose levels are already low, so your energy levels are stable. 

If you’re not used to training fasted, then it’s important to not to push yourself too far. Once the energy in your muscles are depleted, then your body will access stored energy to replace the energy in your muscles. If you’re not used to this type of energy, then you might feel like you’re going to pass out. Since adrenaline levels are elevated so you won’t actually pass out. However, you might not feel as strong or feel like you have much energy. I recommend starting with lighter weight until your used to the energy balance. 

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