How does it work?

The only additional expense is for you to purchase the domain. It’s important for YOU to own your own domain name. You never want another business to own your website name.  Once you purchase the domain from a provider (Godaddy, networksolutions, etc) then we point your domain to our cloud hosted server, which allows people view your website. We offer montly plans to meet the needs of your business by offering the most afforadable 


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is simply define as giving your business a digital presence. We create, develop, and host your website as well as create content in the form of articles to drive an audience to your website. 

Content Marketing

A website is great, but what you do with it means more than just a static site. We focus and specialize in bringing an audience to your site. How? By creating new and exciting content to engage your customers. 

SEO & Google Ads

Search engine optimization is an important focus of our business. All of our content is specialized to increase awareness on google and other search engines. 

Social Media Marketing

We’re great at creating content, and we share on our content on your social media platforms. We create posts on your site and share our posts on social media to engage with your customers. 

Our Process

We make affordable digital marketing easy! 

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Service Questions

During development, we don’t charge until your site is launched. We do ask for you patience during development as revisions will occur. 

Automated monthly payments are generated through our online mobile payments. 

Our work is never done, and we’ll continue to revise your website and posts to engage with your audience. 

Yes, as your business grows, then you’re able to modify your plan to meet your business needs. You may also upgrade your plan if you need additional services. 

It’s our goal to grow with your business. We may accept commission or compensation depending on our agreement during enrollment. 

Technical Questions

We build professional website with a focus around search engine optimization. If you don’t like our initial design, then we’ll continue to revise during our development phase.

We have extensive API training and will work with 3rd party vendors to implement their tools and products. 

Our work is never done and we’ll continue to revise your website with latest photos and projects. 

If you choose to terminate, then the website will go offline along with all the work we’ve done. Since you purchased your domain name, then you own the site name, but all the work we’ve done will be terminated as well. 

If we experience poor business practice and low quality of work, then Premier Digital Solutions may terminate your subscription due to poor work quality. We will refund your payment if paid during the same month. 

Complete solutions

for digital marketing

Other online marketing companies charge far too much for their services. We’re cheaper than most do-it-yourself website builders with the knowledge and experience to grow your business. 

Social Media

We integrate your website with all social media platforms


We use direct mail profiles to engage with customers


We incorporate analytical software to track all metrics of growth


Our revisions and design phase never ends!