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Why You’re Probably Training Abs Wrong

Why You’re Probably Training Abs Wrong Abdominal Muscles are a different muscle to train, and you cannot train ab’s the same as other muscle groups because they those muscle will not respond the same. Since Abs don’t respond the same, understanding the movements are crucial. Here’s a great video explaining great abdominal exercises.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?¬† Wight loss supplement¬† industry¬† is a billion-dollar a year industry built on the notion that you can take a supplement to help your body burn fat. Does the science support the claim? Since the early 2000’s more and more weight loss supplements hit the shelves, and today, people continue to […]

What’s the best weight loss pill/ supplement?

In short, apple cider vinegar is the best, but it’s about timing. When you consume it is most important. Consuming ACV after a meal greatly lowers insulin production and fasting glucose levels. Why is this important? When insulin is present, you’re not burning fat. The faster you can lower insulin levels, the faster your body […]